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Reliable DNS Services

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  • » Dynamic/Static DNS - TZO is a leading provider of Static and Dynamic DNS services. Our easy to use Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a simple way to run your own servers on a Dynamic IP address. [more...]
  • » Distributed Network of DNS Servers - TZO's 5 DNS servers are geographically located throughout the [United States] and [Europe], each on Redundant Tier 1 Internet backbones.
  • » Software included - We provide free software to detect changes in your IP address, or you may use compatible third-party clients built into many routers and cameras. We also supply a web-based control panel to easily manage DNS. [more...]

Powerful Email Solutions

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Flexible Web Solutions

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  • » Web Hosting - Outsource your webhosting chores with TZO dedicated webhosting. [more...]
  • » Self Hosting - Using TZO Dynamic DNS, operate your own website with all the disk space and software you want! Use your broadband Cable, DSL, WiMAX or other connection to host and save! [more...]
  • » Web Forwarding - If your ISP is blocking web port 80, you can still run a webserver! TZO can redirect your web server traffic to an unblocked alternate port. [more...]

Intelligent DNS Solutions

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 TZO HA - High Availability DNS! LEARN MORE!

Linksys Camera Help

Linksys WVC80N IP Camera View live video anywhere using TZO and a Linksys WVC80N IP Camera.
Get instant help from our Linksys support page or watch our interactive video tutorial on setting up your camera!

What is TZO Dynamic DNS?

TZO Dynamic DNS can help you get more out of your Cable modem, DSL, FIOS/Fiber, WiMAX connection. [more...]

Dynamic DNS or a Static IP?

  • » A Static IP address is expensive and hard to get. With TZO, you get a Static Name.
  • » With TZO Dynamic DNS you can do what you want with your Internet connection without the high cost of a Static IP.
  • » DDNS saves you hundreds or thousands per year! [more...]

DVR - Support Center

TZO can help you run a Security DVR without paying for expensive static IP addresses... [more...]


Use TZO with your Router, NAS & Other Hardware Devices. [more...]